(Get Them Online) We Are Providing Sustainable Internet Access To Rural Communities In Nigeria.

With the support of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The European Union, The African Union and Garage48, we are getting people online using the Skyline Network (SkyN) by providing affordable and sustainable  internet connectivity using modern green energy powered enterprise WiFi technology to rural areas in Nigeria. Our focus areas are rural and neglected cluster areas and communities. The goal is to get everyone ONLINE! For our launch, we are giving out free 50GB to users in our coverage areas.

Our Robotics Projects

Here are highlights of some of our robotics projects in Enugu State, Nigeria. Robotics (alongside coding) is an important aspect of what we do do at Skyline!

Africa Code Week 2019 Success Stories

In partnership with SAP, Google, UNESCO, and Youth Mobile, we launched Africa Code Week 2019 in Enugu State, Nigeria from October 15-26; within this timeframe, over 2000 young learner’s (Mostly from underprivileged backgrounds) got their first hands-on practical Coding experience via Coding Workshops held across the State

Our Free Coding And Training Program

This Easter was an exciting one as we hosted a 100% free “one week of productivity” program at our schools premises; Skyline Futuristic Academy, Enugu.