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On winning the Smart Cities category in the 2021 EU Africa Hackathon as team “Get Em Online“,  we launched SkyN. Skyline Network (SkyN) is working towards Getting Everyone Online by providing stable, affordable and sustainable  internet connectivity using modern green energy powered enterprise WiFi technology in rural areas in Nigeria. Our focus areas are rural and neglected cluster areas and communities. We have data plans as low as $0.37/month-$4.39/yr. The goal is to get everyone ONLINE and we are working with the EU Africa initiative supported by the  Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The European Union, The African Union, and Garage48. For our launch, we are giving out free 50GB to users in our coverage areas


– When compared to mobile data, a WiFi connection significantly improves a phones battery life/span depending on network conditions.
– A WiFi connection provides a smother internet connection compared to mobile data.
– A WiFi connection emits less radiation than mobile data because you are farther away from the device generating the connection.
– A poor WiFi connection is more stable and usable than a poor mobile connection.


While connected to SkyN WIFI, open a Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser. Then go to the address bar and type sky.n or http://sky.n
This will take you into our portal/login page where you can view your data usage and connection status.

Note that your login details are case sensitive. Take note of the capital-letter/uppercase characters and lowercase/small-letter characters. If your login details suddenly stops working, your data or uptime limit might have been exhausted. If you believe this is an error contact us and we’ll do our best to resolve it.

If your internet suddenly stops working but you are still connected to the SkyN Network, it could be because your data or validity period has been exhausted. Go to http://sky.n on any of our recommended browser to access our portal and try logging in again with your login details; then check for error messages. You might have to disconnect and reconnect to the SkyN hotspot to get the latest status of your data subscription.

You can also view data usage per session by going to sky.n or http://sky.n on a Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser whenever you are connected to a SkyN network; this refreshes whenever you disconnect and reconnect to the SkyN hotspot.
To view and keep a comprehensive track of your data usage externally, you can download a data monitoring app on android, or use the inbuilt data usage feature under connection in device settings. On windows, right click on WiFi connection and click on show data usage. On Linux open system monitor.

To enable us provide stable and quality internet access to our growing user base, you can currently use one login detail on up to 2 devices. To connect more devices, you have to log out from an already connected device or request for a different login credential for the third device. However, Android devices are equipped to allow you use your wifi connection to share data to multiple devices via your phones hotspot. The steps are simple: 1. Disable your mobile data. 2. Connect your WiFi to SkyN hotspot. 3. Turn on your mobile hotspot and connect as many devices as you want. Our engineering team have tested this and found it to be functional.

We offer some of the most competitive data plans in Nigeria. To view our data plans connect to the SkyN hotspot in your area and go to http://sky.n to view current data plans in your area.

Most devices are programmed to assume you have an unlimited data allowance whenever you are connected to a WiFi network. To avoid wasteful background usage of your SkyN data, ensure that the SkyN hotspot you are connected to is set as a metered connection. Here is how to do that on all major operating system:

Android: (Disable auto update in play-store) Click here to learn how to make SkyN WIFI connection metered on android.

iPad/iPhone: Click here to learn how to minimise data usage on iPhone/iPad.
To turn on low data mode on your iOS device, click on settings, click on WiFi, click the information icon beside the SkyN hotspot you are connected to and toggle on “Low data mode”.

Windows: Click here to learn how to reduce data usage on Windows.

Linux (Ubuntu): Click here to learn how to make SkyN WIFI connection metered on Linux.

Other data consumers: Online videos, video calls, online games.

If you are not on our unlimited plan then sharing your login details with someone will make your data allowance exhaust quicker.

Transfer limit reached – means you have exhausted your data allowance (3GB, 1GB, 30GB etc)

Uptime limit reached – means you have exhausted your data’s validity period (24hrs, 1 Week, 1 Month etc)

No valid profile found – means you have exhausted your data or validity period.

User <?> not found – means details provided are invalid. It can also mean that you have exhausted your transfer or uptime limit as our systems auto deletes exhausted user details after a short period of time.

Simultaneous session limit reached – means your current data plan only allows you to log into one device at a time.

Already authorizing, retry later – means our network is still authenticating the details you provided. It should resolve in 2-10 seconds.

Skyline Network (SkyN) is an initiative of Skyline Futuristic Academy

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