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On request, I decided to share my thoughts on tablets reviewed here on The team have taken time to proffer well researched recommendations for tablets based on the following criterias:

Best for Entertainment
Best Laptop Relacement
Best on a Budget
Best for Creative Types

Below you will find their recommendations and my thoughts on them.

For Skyline Academy’s recommendations for best tablet for educational purposes click here.

Best for Entertainment according to is the iPad 9.7 with the following summary:

iPad 9.7
A vibrant display, a speedy processor and access to the best range of entertainment and media apps out there make the iPad a great option for reading, streaming, and web browsing — all for just $330 ~

Having personally owned this tablet I can say that that the summary that was given on was spot on. I must also point out that to enjoy the full processing speed of the iPad 9.7, I recommend you stay on the iOS 10.+ updates as it became “relatively slower” since I updated to iOS 11+. But if speed is not that important to you then you will find the iOS 11 update with the split screen feature to be worthwhile.

Best on a Budget according to is the Amazon Fire HD 8 with the following summary:

Amazon Fire HD 8
Not as fast, and limited app options, but it’s only $80 and good for casual reading and streaming. Amazon Prime account-holders can also access tons of free shows. ~

Having also used the Amazon Fire HD tablet both as a personal tablet in the past and later as a modified Edtech Tablet at Skyline Academy, I will say that it is a very good tablet for the price. A big advantage of this tablet as already stated is Amazon Prime. What I loved the most about Amazon Prime is a feature where a lot of apps you would have to buy if you were using Google Play Store on a regular Android device can be gotten for free on the Amazon Fire HD via the Amazon App store. And most of the “paid-apps-made-free” are are high quality apps that serves both educational and personal ends.

While based on the open source Android Operating System, a “major” downside is that the Amazon Fire HD tablet has the restrictive nature of the iOS operating system used in Apple products. Like Apple’s iOS, the only customization allowed on the Amazon Fire HD is arrangement of apps into folders on the home screen. I guess you can safely say that the Amazon Fire HD is an iOS inspired variation of the Android operating system. This debatably increases security and ease of use at the expense of freedom and versatility.

Overall, it’s still a great buy for its price.

Best Laptop Replacement tablet according to is the Microsoft Surface Pro with the following summary:

Microsoft Surface Pro
A lightweight laptop alternative, the Surface Pro lets you run both apps and full versions of software, from Word to Excel. You can also split your screen and run multiple programs at once for easier multitasking. Starts at $800 ~

One of Microsoft’s biggest challenge and it’s rival’s biggest advantage (in my opinion) is “finding a body that matches the mind”; that is, finding a hardware company that exclusively builds a hardware that always matches the full potentials of the Windows Operating system. This is a challenge that is also minimally shared by Android until the Nexus and Pixel series came on board and augmented other top Android brands. The Microsoft Surface Pro is one of those rare occasions in the Microsoft/Windows “techverse” where the designer of the mind(Operating System) also designs the body(Hardware) thereby creating an optimal and seamless high end product. In essence, if you are looking for a laptop replacement that won’t make you miss your workstation then the Microsoft Surface Pro is your best bet.

Best for Creative Types according to is the iPad Pro 10.5 with the following summary:

Ipad Pro 10.5
Offers the same split screen multitasking capabilities as the Microsoft Surface. It’s limited to apps — no full software — but it’s compatible with the incredibly intuitive Apple Pencil and great for sketching, drawing, and graphic design  ~

The iPad Pro as hinted in the name of the tablet and pointed out in the above summary is designed for a specific set of people; creative professionals. It’s quite pricey but if graphic design and mobility is essential to your process then you should definitely go for the iPad Pro 10.5.

For the full review on click here.

Written by Increase Okechukwu Divine-Wisdom(Director, Education Technology Implementation at Skyline Academy)

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