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A Student of Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy

Coming to you from Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy; West Africa’s First Paperless Primary School is Africa’s First Curriculum Compliant Tablets!

This tablet is Nigerian, American and British Curriculum compliant plus it is also grade level categorized. This means that you can buy an educational tablet for your Kids based on their class/age as the tablets were meticulously designed to cover the syllables required from Kindergarten Grade 6.
If you want to home-school your Child then this is the tablet for you!

The Tablets Grade level are categorized as follows: • Kindergarten • Grade/Primary 1• Grade/Primary 2 • Grade/Primary 3 e.t.c.

• Regular reading increases your Child’s diction, fluency and word recognition so we included over 65 interactive stories where a Child can have the stories read out to them, or can read it themselves at their own pace.
• Over 100 reading and comprehension stories where your Child’s WPM (word per minute) reading skill is measured. • Interactive mathematics that ensures that your Child falls in love with mathematics.
• Drawing program that stimulates your Child’s artistic skills.
• Over 20 virtual science experiments that increase your Child’s scientific curiosity and also enable your Child perform a vast array of scientific experiments safely.
• Interactive programming app that introduces your Child to the mental building block of Computer science and programming.
• E-Book’s: Mental Mathematics E-Book, Basic Science E-Book, Mathematics E book etc.

Screen time has been perpetually converted to learning time. You can now expose your Child to technology early and be sure that all they do with it is – learn, learn and learn!
This tablet is the first of its kind as it is grade level compliant meaning your Child can use it to cover all basics skills required in a grade level.
Basic subject covered: Mathematics. English. Basic Science and Technology. Creative Arts. Reading. Language Arts. Religious Values. Programming.

Some skills are incremental while others are grade level categorized via grade level E-books and applications.

Play store, making phone calls, messaging, settings and a few other applications are locked but can be unlocked by the Parent while some features are permanently locked to ensure that the tablet is not altered outside educational purposes. Be sure to read the usage manual that comes with the tablet to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

As a bonus, if you are Home Schooling your Child, you can request that your Child participate in our online exam in line with skills and topics covered in the tablet to gauge comprehension of topics covered. (Currently available for only Grade 1 aged Pupils)

Before placing an order give us a call or send us a message to ensure availability of the grade level you are interested in if you are not sure you are ordering the right educational tablet.

Inquiries:, +2349031156785

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