Skyline Foundation: Our Discounted Tuition Program

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Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy has developed a discounted tuition program to ensure that Africa’s future leaders who are born into less privileged settings do not miss out of getting the best education available. Our core value is to increase technological literacy amongst Africans hence the need to have such program to ensure a broader reach.

Note that this program is strictly reserved  for underprivileged Children who have demonstrated an exceptional love for learning.

Parents/Guardians/Sponsors of a student admitted under the discounted tuition program will be required to pay a minimal fee termly.

Note that Children whose Parents apply for our discounted tuition program might be required to take our placement assessment and evaluation tests; the Child’s performance in these tests will weigh heavily in the prospect of their acceptance.

Fill the form below to apply for our the discounted tuition program. You will be contacted within two weeks of your application with details of your acceptance status. For inquiry write to us at

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