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Understanding that each child has unique needs, and differing learning speeds and strengths is a fundamental core of successful education. The placement test we administer at Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy (Kindergarten and Primary School) upon admission is designed to identify each Child’s learning patterns and enable them move at a pace that will make them productive learners.

A Child who cannot read accurately, fluently, and with understanding by the end of second grade(primary 2) will not be able to do the rigorous work demands in grades 3-5 and will struggle with the standards set in both the Nigerian and American Primary Education Curriculum. This is to say that students who did not learn to read the right way at the right time are going to have a hard time learning what they need to know as they progress.

placement 2

Correct placement ensures that students will master early reading and maths skills efficiently and without frustration.

At Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy, before admission, we check each Child’s reading and maths skill. Our reading placement program is based on the “National Right To read”, “San Diego quick assessment of reading ability program” and “Skyline Futuristic Placement Assessment program”; and is “graded” in three levels:

  1. Independent reading level – At this level, the student can read orally with no more than one word-recognition error per 100 words of text and show 95-100 percent accuracy on comprehension questions about the story. The student could read the material on his own with ease.
  2. Instructional reading level – A student at this level can read with 2-5 word recognition errors in 100 words of text and demonstrate at least 80 percent comprehension of the story. With help and guidance from the teacher, the student is able to make the maximum progress in terms of vocabulary and comprehension.
  3. Frustration reading level – Reading at frustration level is characterized by more than 5 word recognition errors per 100 words of text and comprehension and below 70 percent accuracy on comprehension-related questions. At this level, the student requires moderate to intensive support from the teacher. Materials are too challenging that reading becomes a frustrating experience.

Note that our Mathematics placement test is based on “ExcelMaths; AnsMar Publishers, Inc.” placement test and “Skyline Futuristic Placement Assessment” programs.


Why is my Child required to take the placement tests for admission?

Using your Child’s placement test scores helps us ensure that you and your Child get the best possible start with us. Curriculum experts have worked to closely align the placement tests with the content generally covered in Primary School. We believe that the use of these tests maximizes student learning and growth time by placing your Child at starting points that are not too difficult or too easy.

Is it possible that my Child will not be accepted if they fail or do poorly on the placement tests?

No. The scores your Child receives will not be used to determine their acceptance into Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy (Kindergarten and Primary School). The placement tests are not a measure of academic ability, but a tool to determine your Child’s individual skill development needs.

Do the placement tests need to be administered to my Child before admission can be finalised?

Yes. We need the scores in order to determine if your Child needs any special intervention program to enable them grasp the words and concepts being taught in class – as we do not accept our Students floating in class due to a sub par background understanding. We understand that different Children learn at different pace and the placement test results help us in our determination to identify each Child’s learning pace and support them accordingly. At Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy, we strongly believe that no Child should be left behind just because they have unique learning needs.

If my Child performs “poorly” in the placement test, does this mean an additional financial commitment from me?

That depends. For example, if your Child’s reading skill falls between the independent and instructional reading level, then it is most unlikely that your Child will need any intervention program. However, if your Child’s reading skill falls between the instructional and frustration reading level then chances are we will insist on enrolling your Child in our special intervention program which will require a small financial commitment to ensure that we give your Child the extra hours of instructional attention they will need to align their reading skill with their age. Also note that if your Child finds the placement tests or contents in their grade level too easy that we will also recommend a completely optional “positive intervention program” to enable the fast learners move at their pace.

• Students seeking entry into grades 1 and 2 will take placement tests in Math and Reading.

• Students seeking entry into grades 3–6 will take placement tests in Math, Reading, Language Skills, and Writing.


At Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy, we understand that a lot of Children grow up to hate Maths which is often caused by a weak reading and comprehension skill (needed to understand Maths); alongside a poor presentation and understanding of the subject at the foundational level – which is why we put in the time and effort needed to ensure that the prevalent distaste for Maths is reduced to the barest minimum.

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  1. Igbonekwu Ogazimorah says:

    Please, how is the child developed on this paperless culture going to fit into our higher education programmes, which are not paperless?
    Doesn’t this mean that the parent/s will have to be forced to send the kids to European systems for continuity?
    Secondly, what is the cost of sending a child to your system? Fees and other charges!

    1. Skyline Website Moderator says:

      Good day. In our subject; “The Art of Writing,” our Pupils use a pen and a paper to write. Writing is a delicate art that is given special care and attention at Skyline Futuristic. The Art of Writing is a subject that is also designed to enable our Pupils respect and note down their thoughts on a consistent basis. Societies with more writers invariably have a larger number of readers. In other words, one of the most efficient way to make our society a reading society is to make it a writing society which is why writing is given a high priority at Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy.

      Also, our Curriculum is well grounded in the revised 2015 NERDC basic education curriculum. Our curriculum also integrates the American curriculum. This means that our Pupils will be able to sit for all of Nigeria’s State and Federal Post-Basic Education exams (e.g. First School leaving certification examination, Federal common entrance examination etc.) and come through with flying colours. What is given at Skyline Academy is a better way to learn through the use of education technology tools and a broader spectrum and mastery of skills and topics required in Primary School Education. In essence, they will fit in with Nigeria’s higher education settings though they are likely to be more knowledgeable than their peers because with regards our Students at Skyline, we are not trying to fill a bucket, but start a fire.

      Our tuition fee is currently N50,000/term and N75,000 on the first term for new Pupils. There is a data allowance fee of N5000/term bringing the total to N55,000/term subsequently.

      You can visit our frequently asked questions page if you have further questions at: https://skylinefuturistic.com/2016/07/23/skyline-faq-all-you-need-to-know-about-us/

      Feel free to contact us if your inquiry is not addressed on our FAQ page.

      Warm regards.

  2. Petra Ugwu says:

    How do we apply to join the school? Where exactly is is based in Enugu,

    1. Skyline Website Administrator says:

      Good day.

      You can begin the registration process by clicking this link:
      Registration Portal

      Our Address: 1b Ezekwesili Crescent, Pocket Layout, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria. (Behind Maryland/Nomalinda Estate)
      Detailed direction: Coming from Umunano Street (Coming from ESBS Junction) {Landmark: Citipark Hotel is located along Umunano Street}, you will meet a “T” junction at the end of Umunano Street. Take right at this “T” junction and then take the first turn to your left; from this point, you will see directional signposts titled “SKYLINE ACADEMY” that will direct you to our exact location. Feel free to call us if you need assistance.
      Phone No: 09031156785

      Warm regards.

  3. mrs ugwu princess d,c says:

    Pls hw can a child who is not use to computer before or who dose not use computer for de first , join dis paperless academy for de first time, cos I really want to register my son , if any dis count is given to us , an do we go about de entering fees , I meant total fees for de new intake.

    1. Skyline Website Administrator says:

      Thank you for contacting us. Every prospective Student goes through an orientation program wherein they are put through the basic usage of education technology. New intake currently costs N150,000 and N95,000 for subsequent terms. For discounts kindly write to us at info@skylinefuturistic.com giving relevant details regarding the proposed discount. It will be reviewed by our admission team and you will be given a feedback.


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