About Us: Our Vision and Mission Statement

Skyline Futuristic (Eco) West African Academy is a digitised primary school of unequaled commitment to delivering the best education has to offer through coding, robotics, manufacturing (STEM) and other relevant digital skills engrained as fundamentals of education in our unique ICT enhanced academic system.


We also offer a basic to intermediate proficiency level Coding, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (STEM) Program for ages 6+ to 18yrs. The aim of this after School program is to prepare young generations of Nigerians for the inevitable 3rd industrial revolution by equipping them with relevant Futuristic digital skills.

Products and Services:

Grade Level Sensitive EdTech Tablets

STEM Programs: Coding, VR(Google for Education tools), Robotics, AI and fundamentals of manufacturing.

Education Technology Consultancy

Youth STEM Training Services

Software development


  1. Stimulating self motivated learning, thinking, and innovation in our children.
  2. Equip our Students and Young learners in our community with Digital Skills needed to harness the local and global opportunities of the 4th industrial revolution.
  3. Developing the mind of our Children towards leaning on world-views that enshrine self-reliance and personal responsibility.
  4. Developing high quality applications


Location: Enugu State, Nigeria.

Phone No: 09031156785

Address: 1b Ezekwesili Crescent, Pocket Layout, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria. (Behind Maryland/Nomalinda Estate)

Email: info@skylinefuturistic.com


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