21 Unequaled Benefits Of Paperless Classrooms

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The first men who went to the moon did so with a computer (Apollo Guidance Computer ACG) that had approximately 64kilobyte of memory and operated at 0.043MHZ; that is about the computing power a toaster or calculator uses today. To break it down, “Today, your cell phone has more computer power than all of NASA back in 1969, when it placed two astronauts on the moon – Kaku”

This is to say that the integration and usage of technology in the classroom is not a question of capability, but is a question of human ingenuity which is where Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy (Kindergarten and Primary School) stands out.

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“If we could place men in the moon with less, can we not unlock the full potential of our children’s academic and creative potential with more? – Increase O. Divine-Wisdom (Education Technology Consultant, Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy)

Some Advantages of Tech Based Education:

  1. Giving shy children a voice: Some children are shy and will not raise their hands to ask or answer questions in class despite enormous encouragements. This is solved in our academic system through our secure digital communication tools with which students can ask questions “anonymously” and answer questions discreetly thereby eliminating the fear of public- speaking, failure and perceived ridicule that have crippled the voice of many children in classes across the Continent. This will also make students not to feel left out in class but will leave them feeling well integrated and invariably enthusiastic about the subject at hand.
  2. No more carrying heavy school bags around: I have seen students carrying what looked like traveling bags to school and it really got me thinking, “Such scenarios make children subconsciously perceive education as nothing more than hard labour which will potentially sabotage their enthusiasm and outlook towards learning”.
  3. Our grade 1 reading curriculum alone has 68 reading and comprehension literary piece wherein each child’s WPM(Words per Minute) reading skill, diction and comprehensive skills are effectively measured and improved on.
  4. Alongside the 68 well crafted reading and comprehensive piece, our students also have access to 65 animated classic story books ranging from Tortoise classics, Aesop’s fables, Biographies, Science series, to Grimm fairy tale classics that entertainingly augments the comprehension of subjects learned. And thanks to our digital tools, our students can have these stories read out to them flawlessly- which will invariably increase your child’s diction and fluency, alongside save you the costs of having to buy 133+ (More books are added over time) individual classic story books.
  5. We deliver virtual labs where students can safely perform a vast array of experiments as though they were interacting with real lab equipments until they are old enough to handle real lab equipments.
  6. Have you ever wished you could rewind your maths teacher? I know I have many times in the past and sure you have too at  certain moments in your academic history. Customized education is the future of education; a system of educating where everyone can move at their pace without feeling judged. This is why we adopted KhanAcademy digital maths program; a program where every Child has a personalized virtual tutor they can always consult – anywhere, anytime.
  7. Make learning (With an emphasis on Maths)fun:Piles of textbooks, stacks of worksheets—no wonder children get frustrated with traditional schoolwork. They would much rather be playing on the computer, so let them! They’ll enjoy interacting with KhanAcademy(Maths) diverse practice formats and competing with friends to earn medals and awards.
  8. Preservation: With their works constantly backed up, and in a non degradable format, our kids have their school works preserved longer than physical books can survive in a pristine state.
  9. No need to buy paperback textbooks as over 80% of our advanced textbooks are both animated and digitized to increase student engagement.
  10. Realistic and interactive interaction with concepts and subjects. Why tell them a cat meows when they can hear a cat meow? Why tell them of places when they can see the places for themselves? This is the invaluable reality technology brings to the table.
  11. Mastery of ICT skills: While others teach computer as a subject, we believe computers should be the platform used to educate because mastery is gained by constant usage and not by periodic lectures.
  12. Our students are given access to virtual farms where they will learn gardening in its entirety in other to augment their physical agricultural projects alongside give them a rich and healthy view of farming and agriculture which has largely been neglected by a vast array of our populace in favour of blue and white collar jobs. If we are to successfully diversify our economy then we must encourage our children (from an early stage) to take a skillful interest in other sectors of our economy like the agricultural sector.
  13. Get detailed results (Mathematics) of your child’s performance in graph’s and charts for a more comprehensive understanding of your child’s academic performance and access a linear representation of a Child’s strength and needs over time.
  14. Can you imagine every child carrying an entire library around wherever they go? Well, this is the reality we have created where every child has access to every book, anywhere, anytime.
  15. No more forgetting to do homework’s: With digital tools, sending reminders to students to do their homework’s while at home has been made possible.
  16. Screen time has been perpetually converted to learning time: Children love digital screens and end up spending so much time with it doing playful things which often inhibits their minds from being creative with digital tools. We solve this by teaching them at an early stage that technology has much more to offer to the benefit of society.
  17. Continuity: Do you plan on moving abroad with your Children? If so, our curriculums are well grounded in local and international standards which will make for a smooth academic transition should your child ever have to move to another country to continue their education.
  18. Preservation of Culture: We will not efficiently preserve and successfully export our culture by holding rallies and raising awareness on the importance of preserving our culture. We can only effectively preserve our culture by being productive, on on par with foreign cultures in productivity of which technological advancements is at the forefront. Our basic lifestyles should be in synchronization with all the technological advancement which makes life richer; because if these technological advancements are experienced by our people in foreign cultures, then they will be inclined and extremely predisposed to taking up the precepts of that culture at the detriment of the culture of their homeland. Just like the current migrant crises in the Mediterranean which is basically a desperate migration of African’s who have lost faith in their ability to make a difference in their homelands. And this is substantially due to failed academic systems that failed to  equip them with skills and worldviews needed to drive their countries into 21st century developmental merits. This is why it is of critical importance to us at Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy that we deliver the best skills and advancements education technology has to offer, and do what we can to stay ahead of the best educational precepts right here in our homeland.
  19. Lessons are brought to life: Pictures speak louder than a thousand words, and a video speaks better than a thousand pictures. Our lessons include relevant animated explainer videos which has proven over time to be a great tool for enhancing student attention and engagement which in turn leads to better comprehension.
  20. Eco-Sensitivity: With no use of papers in our processes (except in art of writing/drawing), we are doing both our environment and ourselves a favour by reducing the negative environmental impact caused by entire dependence on papers which leads to avoidable cutting down of trees and eventual burning of paper after they have served their purpose.
  21. In our Academy; thanks to digital tools, Parents can monitor their Child’s movement as each parent is notified whenever their Child checks in and out of school. Classwork and activities are periodically captured and seamlessly sent to Parents to enable them actively participate in their Child’s education; this is because very few things gives a Child a sense of pride and motivates a Child to push harder like knowing that their Parent’s are watching and a part of what they are doing. Plus the divide between Child and Parent (owing to career demands) is significantly minimised due to the fact that our Parents can now follow their Child’s School activities while at work and discuss it over dinner.

For Africa to become a producer, innovator, and exporter of technology (instead of just a consumer), she must build and adopt a fundamental worldview of technology as a creative tool and not a consumer tool as is prevalent in the African continent. And this is where Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy (Kindergarten and Primary School) comes into play; leading the way in developing mindsets of children from an early stage wherein technology will be looked upon as not just something we can use, but as something we can and should create; and the process of creation begins with mastery.

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