Our Plans For 2021

In 2020 we launched a science app & now have a growing number of paid monthly subscribers and hundreds of users in Nigeria, US, India, Ghana, Egypt, Ethiopia amongother countries.

Online Learning Program

Over 19,000 questions answered! Over 400 skills introduced and mastered across subjects! Over 275 certificates earned! The virus, like others that came before it, will rise and fall; however, online learning and digital “education” has come to stay!

Africa Code Week 2019 Is Upon Us!

We will be launching Africa Code Week 2019 in Enugu State, Nigeria from October 15-26; within this timeframe, at least 2500 young learner’s (Mostly from underprivileged backgrounds) are going to get their first hands-on practical Coding experience via Coding Workshops to be held across the State.

Skyline Students Manufacture a Powerbank

With Coding and Manufacturing as a vital part of our Academic System, we are preparing our Children to lead the Technological and Industrial revolution that will lift our Nation to rise to her true potential!

NASA Space Apps Challenge Nsukka

Skyline Academy’s tech team partnered with SOPARKIDS(School of programming and robotics for kids) to host the local event of the world’s biggest hackathon, NASA Space Apps challenge in Nsukka, Nigeria.