Skyline Mathematics, Computer Science and Robotics Institute For Kids

    In association with SoparKids International (School of Programming and Robotics for Kids).

    The importance of Computer Science literacy in today’s world cannot be over-emphasised. At our institute of Mathematics, computer science and programming, we give Children aged 5-16 foundational mathematical skills and advanced Computer Science, Robotics, Linguistic and Theatrical(Piano) skills to brighten their future prospects while simultaneously boosting their creative potential.
    Our offerings:
    Basic package: Mathematics (K-8), programming and robotics. Note that your Child will be required to bring a laptop to run this program. Time: Saturdays: 09:00am-01:00pm
    Linguistic and Reading: (Part of School Curriculum)

    Coding Course sequence:

    • Scratch
    • (Block/project based programming/ JAVASCRIPT Introduction)
    • Alice (Object Oriented programming in JAVA)
    • HTML
    • CSS

    …………Advanced Speaking and Reading Developmental program: Is your Child’s reading skill poor? Could your Child’s diction and speaking use some improvements? Then this one is for you! Age 4-15
    – Bonus: Piano (Professional use of staff/ sheet music): per month.
    UPDATE(April 2017):

    Below are some changes we are going to be implementing going forward in line with computer science best practices.

    In our Saturday program, are going to be making a few adjustments to our curriculum for the following reasons and to the following effects;

    There are hundreds of programming languages and we compile the basic tenets of the best (widely used) of each programming language to ensure that students who pass through our Academy have the best competitive skills and advantages in a competitive global community. However, this seems to have made it tedious for Parents to track their Child’s progress. Gratefully, the developers of the one of the best programming curriculum and program,, raised $12,587 in the first two weeks of April 2017 and Skyline Academy is among the first three beneficiaries of this programming curriculum grant. The three schools awarded are (Has been published on and their social media pages);

    Grandview Elementary
    Bangor Central Elementary School
    Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy

    Also, Skyline Furutistic Eco West African Academy is now a part of an individual membership with Oracle Academy (Duration: April 2017 – March 26, 2020), a department of Oracle Corporation, makers of JAVA, which is largely considered as the worlds largest programming language (Contract listing reference can be found at
    This means that, going forward, we are are going to be integrating JAVA(Alice & Greenfoot are preliminaries) programming language as an independent streamlined part of our advanced Programming Curriculum.
    Generally, this means that, going forward, we are going to streamline our curriculum into sub and main parts. The main parts of the curriculum are Kodable(independent curriculum) and JAVA (independent curriculum). With the sub parts being Scratch, Blockly, run marcos, etc. Our process have been (and still is) focused on articulation, understanding, and cultivating self regulated learning, but from May 6 2017, we will be adopting reasonable and applicable tenets of standardized evaluations to help Parents gauge the learning process and their Child’s progress through features like milestone certification courtesy of Kodable.

    Visit us at No 1b Ezekwesili Crescent, Pocket Layout. Behind Maryland Estate or click here for a detailed description of our contact address. You can also call us at: 09031156785.

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