Our Teacher To Student Ratio And The Extinction Of The Dinosaurs

At Skyline Futuristic, we operate what is called a “Smart Classroom”. A Smart Classroom is a Classroom where virtually all Teacher related work besides teaching and guiding Student’s into a deeper understanding – is delegated to digital tools (artificial intelligence) thereby giving teachers a greater room to do what we believe is a Teacher’s most important task;  teaching and ensuring that the concepts being taught are fully understood before moving to the next concept.


At Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy, we believe that small is the new big as was “told to us by the extinction of the dinosaurs and the evolution of technology”. This is why our aim is to build a small and thorough school because we acknowledge the inconspicuous potency of “small” which has been validated by history. Our teacher – student ratio is as follows:

1:1 – This is used for code red Students: Code red Students are Children who need a laser focused instructional attention from the teacher to align their educational prowess with their age in the absence of a developmental disorder.
1:6 – This is our advanced teacher to student ratio and is generally used for code yellow students: Code yellow Students are Children who are well acquainted with “most” of the skills taught in their grade level and recommended for their age, but struggle to keep up with their class work due to poor comprehension.
1:12 – This is the maximum teacher to student ratio allowed in Skyline Futuristic per Class. Grateful to our adoption of Smart Classrooms which ensures that traditional teacher work like marking, grading, individual student performance assessment for general recommendations – are digitally processed by our smart digital tools that collect student data; mark, grade, and analyse individual  student performance from which our Teachers can detect areas of strength and weaknesses and make recommendations; hence giving our Teachers more time to do what they do best, teach! Our educational system is carefully designed to ensure that the maximum instructional attention attainable is achieved and given to our Students. Hence, our ratio of 1:12 is factually equivalent to a ratio of 1:6, and our 1:6 is synonymous with a ratio of 1:3 in educational systems where teachers still have to carry out tasks that can be delegated to artificial intelligence and thus have less time to spend doing what they should be doing best, teaching!

Note: A study conducted among 160 UK Academies (Ranging from Primary School upwards) found this:

While reducing class size works, it is not the best use of resources as you can create the same impact by improving student motivation and behavior, which takes fewer resources. They found that class sizes of 30 performed as well as class sizes of 15, when standards of student behavior had been addressed first. This means that student behaviour, engagement and motivation is more important than size of the class (When the class size in manageable). And at Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy, we excel at both by having well thought out class sizes while also delivering the most engaging and interactive education through digital technology.

For the full detail of the aforementioned research you can click here to visit the Harvard Business Review where it was published.

Here is why we still believe in the power of smallness or should I say, “Efficiently Manageable Sizes of Classrooms”:

Scene 1:


Once upon a time, giant creatures roamed the Earth; but with a great size came great rigidity, with great rigidity came poor adaptability, and with poor adaptability came a great vulnerability, and with such vulnerability came extinction. Hence the Dinosaurs became extinct whereas smaller creatures thrived. And from those prehistoric times up until the present time, creatures were created smaller and smarter.

Scene 2:


Like God in whose images they were created, when men first tried to create intelligent life in the form of artificial intelligence, they started with big, very big! The first digital computer, ENIAC (Electronic Numeric Integrator And Computer), was the size of a room, it was 8 x 3 x 100 feet in size, occupied 167m2 and consumed 150KW of electricity. The power requirement led to the rumour that whenever the computer was switched on, lights in Philadelphia dimmed. (Source: Wikipedia). Yet, you cannot compare ENIAC’s computer power with that of a cheap smart phone that you can buy today, fit in your pocket and run for hours using a battery.

Scene 3:


Since the beginning of mankind, so many great and mad men alike have risen with the sole aim of conquering and ruling the World. Most of them failed miserably, and for the few who managed to succeed; their legacies and Kingdoms have long fallen and relegated to the pages of history textbooks. These Kings, Emperors and Rulers ruled and commanded hundreds, thousands, and millions of men but their Kingdoms all failed to pass the test of time.

Himmler And Hitler…circa 1938: German dictator Adolf Hitler (1889 – 1945) and his chief of police Heinrich Himmler (1900 – 1945) inspecting the SS Guard. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

However, one man conspicuously stands out. This man led a group of only twelve men whom he poured everything into including his life. The Kingdom this man and his twelve followers built was so great that it split history into two; BC. and AD. It has been over 2000 years now and counting and the Kingdom a man built with only 12 followers have outlived what men who ruled over millions cannot even dream of talk more of achieving. As you may have guessed by now, this man’s name is Jesus. Once more proving the fact that “small is the biggest”.

I can go on and on with more scenes but I believe you must have gotten the picture by now.

Breakthrough in human achievements and consciousness accelerated not when we paid more attention to the big things, but when we learned to pay attention to the little things; micro-organisms, molecules, chemical properties, silicon etc. The same is applicable today if we want to see commendable progress in any facet of our lives.

This is why at Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy, one of our core pillars is a belief in the power of “smallness”; which is why it is all about creating “small” academic systems/ classrooms through our smart classrooms, teacher to student ratio and general operandi; places where Students will be unable to get and stay lost in their very own classrooms as was my experience growing up, and the experience of hundreds of thousands of Children in classrooms across the globe. With us, it is all about quality.

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