How We Are Neutralising The Deadly African Time Syndrome

It is not a coincidence that societies and continents that have the least regard for time are the least “developed”.

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There have been occasions where I have been late to a meeting and still somehow managed to be the first in attendance. This scenario has often baffled me as to how and why it was possible to be late and be the earliest simultaneously; such paradox leaves little to be desired in its path. Its like getting 1/100 total average and still be the best graduating student.

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Nigeria as a nation and Africa as a continent need to intimately understand that existence is literally measured in time; how long one has existed/lived is determined by how many micro seconds they have been around. Life is measured in time so having little regard for time inadvertently means having little regard for life and if you have little regard for life you obviously will not get the best out of it which is why Nigeria and other societies that have the least desirable regard for time are struggling to get the “best” out of their existence. I understand that it is not a deliberate tragedy, however, when you pick the end of a stick you inadvertently pick the other end of the stick; its a full package. Having little regard for time simply means having little regard for life. Period. The one who wastes your time wastes your life and the one who disregards your time, disregards your existence.


Having a high regard for time keeping is a fundamental bedrock of building anything worthwhile which is why at Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy (Kindergarten and Primary School), we have solid systems that relentlessly strives to ensure that a deep respect for time is among the innate values our students imbibe as they journey through our world. Making sure that students understand the importance of time management by ensuring that everything needed to be done, is done at the exact time is a value that is sure to put them at the forefront of building a stronger and richer society that we can all be proud of. And this is a vital commitment you cannot get elsewhere.

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