Our Teachers Handbook: Understanding The Paradigm Governing Our Teaching Methods

Below are some guideline excerpts our teachers are trained to inculcate when teaching:


  1. The worst teacher for mathematics(and any other subject) is the one that does not recognize an unexpected but correct approach and answer. Be open minded and never shut down a student trying to defend an unexpected but provable answer.
  2. Know when to say, I don’t know, lets find out together. Or, I don’t know, but will check it out and let you know tomorrow. Helping kids understand from an early age that the teacher does not have all the answers will stimulate them into seeking out answers for themselves which will in turn ignite self determination and innovative thinking in them. We are not trying to fill a bucket, we are trying to start a fire.

    Cute Robot
    Note: Our Teachers are not Robots 🙂
  3. Lead primarily from the front and not from the back. That is to say you should lead by example in all aspects of your interaction and expectation from students.
  4. Always give a timely feedback to students online inquiries regarding their assignments or classwork.
  5. Document all teaching processes in your day. Remembering how you did it yesterday improves how you do it today.
  6. Technology is not a teaching substitute, but a valuable aid that introduces children to new ways of thinking and working. This is to say you must always improve upon your teaching skills through our periodic training programs.
  7. Do not do the correction for the students. Instead, let them go back to the lesson and correct themselves. Or guide them as they correct themselves.

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