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The video below is a glimpse into what we are about:

A man just sued modern day schooling system. Watch this video to hear his case. Join us at West Africa’s first paperless Primary School right here in Enugu State Nigeria as we deliver customized education via education technology. An education built around each Child’s individuality, an education that truly makes a difference. For more info visit or call: www.skylinefuturistic.com 09031156785 www.neste.com/preorderthefuture

Posted by Skyline Futuristic Eco West African Academy on Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Skyline Futuristic (Eco) West African Academy is a digitised primary school of unequaled commitment to delivering the best education has to offer through the use of digital technology in classrooms with the aim of bridging the technological divide between Nigeria and the developed world.

Tagline: Education… at its peak!

Motto: innovation, integrity, courage.

Vision: To equip our Students with relevant Digital Skills needed to harness the local and global opportunities of the 4th industrial revolution.


  1. Stimulating self motivated learning, thinking, and innovation in our children.
  2. Equip our Students with Digital Skills needed to harness the local and global opportunities of the 4th industrial revolution.
  3. Developing the mind of our Children towards leaning on world-views that enshrine self-reliance and personal responsibility.


Location: Enugu State, Nigeria.

Phone No: 09031156785

Address: 1b Ezekwesili Crescent, Pocket Layout, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria. (Behind Maryland/Nomalinda Estate)

Email: info@skylinefuturistic.com
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Our Teacher to Student Ratio

Our Admission Criteria and Selection Process
To get answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” e.g. the best age for your child to start school, how our school system works etc, click here.


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